Usually, when we create a website, we add many of plugins and different themes which can slow down the site. Basically, Plugins, themes and codes like javascript and css slow down the site due to which it takes time to load and affect overall performance. I experienced the same with my own site so I decided to sort this out and I am going to start a new series of posts on Speed Optimization that will help everyone to increase the site performance and the overall speed.

The first question that arises is “How will we check that our site is slow and if it is slow then how much and where are we lacking?”, there are plenty of tools available over the internet which can help you to check the overall speed of our site and other issues that are laying down the overall performance of our site. Tools which I used to check the issues for Speed Optimization are and, but when I went in little deep then I found that was giving me the deep analysis, so I decided to sort all the issues of my site according to the GT Metrix.

The very first issue I found in my website was “GZip Compression” and in the next article we will see how to resolve the issue of “GZip Compression” and if you having the same issue with your website then don’t forget to subscribe us as we will soon come with a new tutorial that will help you out to sort this issue.

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