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Sebastiano asked 4 years ago

I have custom PHP pages that I use for email processing and displaying a Thank You notice after certain forms on my website are submitted. I made these pages by simply copying the Divi page.php file, editing it to do what I need, and saving it in my child theme folder.  
I also am using a global code module from my Divi Library as a custom nav for my whole website. As of right now I am using this code in my child themes header.php file to display the nav:

echo do_shortcode(‘[showmodule id=”1888″]’);

It works perfectly on all my pages except for the custom ones I created. On those, the output of the shortcode displays as:

The do_shortcode function is working because the output is the call to display the module. This tells me that I am missing something on these custom PHP pages that controls module display. I’m not sure if I need to require a certain page or what but I’ve tried everything! Do you know how to fix this? I am developing on a localhost so I cannot link the website.

Sebastiano replied 4 years ago

The output is “[et_pb_section global_module="1888"][/et_pb_section]“, I don’t know why it didn’t show in the question

Abhishek replied 4 years ago

Hello @Sebastiano,

Sorry for the inconvenience but there is no inbuilt option for this in the theme and it will require an extended amount of code changes.

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