Images play an important role in enhancing our website design. It acts as the storytellers, which allow people to visualize our product or facilities in a better way. It is noticed that website with beautiful images is mostly viewed more as compare to others. Sometimes Image Module’s features are crucial where we cannot use divi builder so in that case, we can use Fullwidth Image module shortcode for adding any image. In this Blog, We learn about Divi Fullwidth Image module which allows you to add Image to post or pages when using Divi builder. Below you can find the shortcode of Fullwidth Image Module and how we can implement in our post. You can also get the live output of Fullwidth Image Module.

Fullwidth Image Module Shortcode

Live Output of Shortcode:-

Fullwidth Image module settings

  • General settings –

In General settings of Divi Fullwidth Image Module, there are some important and necessary fields like Image URL, Image Alternative Text, Image Title Text, Open Lightbox Image, Link Url, URL Opens, Animation and Disable On. For more, You can check the below image:

Fullwidth Image Module

Fullwidth Image Module Fullwidth Image Module

  • Advanced Design Settings and Custom CSS –

If we want to advance our design, then we can check the advanced design settings. We can change the border (color, width, style) and custom margin. We can also add CSS ID and CSS Class in the custom CSS section for more control.

Read here more about this module, Hope you liked the article, if you have any query related to this post please feel free to comment us. Also subscribe us for more such useful tutorial. Share the post if you find it useful.

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  • Tested on Divi Version 3.0.24
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