Hello everyone, today we are here with the first tutorial of speed optimization. In the previous post, I have explained to you that why optimization of a website is important, I mentioned some very important tools to check the speed of the website. I am going to use GTmetrix.com to check the speed of the website. The very first recommendation I found was, enable gzip compression.

enable gzip compression

What is gZip Compression?

When you request to retrieve data from any website, then the data of the website take the time to appear on your browser. Images and Videos sometimes take a long time to appear on the browser because of the big size of these files. And gZip allows compression of these files due to which site takes less time to deliver the data.

Let’s see how to enable gzip compression:

  • Open your .htaccess file (see the snapshot below for the default htaccess file).

enable gzip compression

  • Paste the following lines inside the file.

  • Re-test on GTmetrix and check if the speed increases.

In my case, the score of gzip compression became 99 from 0, see the screenshot.

enable gzip compression

Hope this work for you as well, please let us know if you find any problem in enabling the compression. Comment below for any suggestion or for any query related to the post. Subscribe us for more tutorials on Speed Optimization. Have a Nice Day!

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  • We are using GTmetrix.com for the site analysis.
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