Divi Version: 3.25.3

These are the changelog notes for Divi version 3.25.3 that was released on June 25, 2019. Check out of all the changes, updates, and bug fixes below.

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Divi 3.25.3 Summary

Improvements & Feature Additions

  • Added a new “Sort by Menu Order” option to the Shop module to match the previous default. All current users will automatically be switched to this mode for backwards compatibility.
  • Added hover support for Slider navigation.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed Fullwidth Modules should appear after Regular Modules in Quick Actions modal.
  • Fixed Mailchimp List select option reset.
  • Fixed Modules Animation preview in Visual Builder.
  • Fixed Parent Row/Section Hover Buttons Stuck On After Adding Column.
  • Fixed Settings Modal Scrolling at the Edit Row step in Product Tour.
  • Fixed VB not being updated correctly after we extend layout setting on Filterable Portfolio and Portfolio module.
  • Fixed a case of Visual Builder page loading being slow with PHP 5.X.
  • Fixed background glitch when editing any fields with range control type.
  • Fixed box shadow not being rendered on blog image when using fullwidth layout.
  • Fixed cases when module add button is not appearing.
  • Fixed console warning about react incorrect prop name.
  • Fixed header showing then hiding on page load.
  • Fixed inability to change Circle Counter margin left & right settings.
  • Fixed inability to set border image to use solid style on Blog module when using Grid layout.
  • Fixed incorrect target when copy and paste Meta Text options group or individual option to Blog, Comments, Post Slider, and Fullwidth Post Slider on module level.
  • Fixed module alignment not working on VB when responsive settings is enabled on Width, but disabled on Module Alignment.
  • Fixed reset styles doesn’t work on multiple selected items.
  • Fixed title font size not rendered properly in Visual Builder phone mode for Audio module.

Updates, Changes, & Optimizations

  • Changed the default Shop module sorting option to match the configured value in the Customizer.


  • Add hover settings support for Circle Color, Circle Background Color, and Circle Background Opacity of Circle Counter module.

New & Modified Files

  • includes/builder/class-et-builder-element.php
  • includes/builder/core.php
  • includes/builder/frontend-builder/bundle.js
  • includes/builder/module/Blog.php
  • includes/builder/module/CircleCounter.php
  • includes/builder/module/FullwidthPostSlider.php
  • includes/builder/module/FullwidthSlider.php
  • includes/builder/module/PostSlider.php
  • includes/builder/module/Shop.php
  • includes/builder/module/Slider.php
  • includes/builder/module/SliderItem.php
  • includes/builder/module/field/Border.php
  • includes/builder/module/helpers/Slider.php
  • includes/builder/module/settings/Migration.php
  • includes/builder/module/settings/migration/ShopOrderByDefault.php
  • includes/builder/scripts/frontend-builder-scripts.js
  • js/custom.js
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