Divi Version: 3.23

These are the changelog notes for Divi version 3.23 that was released on May 16, 2019. Check out of all the changes, updates, and bug fixes below.

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Divi 3.23 Summary

Improvements & Feature Additions

  • Added a check to hide the Email (and Phone) fields from the Header if they only contain whitespace characters.
  • Added button design options to all modules.
  • Added color manager UI to background color options.
  • Added hundreds of new module design settings.
  • Added image box shadow options to all modules with image elements.
  • Added missing help text to all options.
  • Added missing reset icons to various options.
  • Added new margin and padding options to form fields and buttons.
  • Added new option overflow icon to all areas of the builder so that important features are more easily accessible.
  • Added responsive behavior to auto-save modal.
  • Improved how we compare some server settings against our recommended values in the Support Center.
  • Improved options harmony between parent and child modules.
  • Improved the Support Center’s evaluation of file and directory permissions.
  • Improved the reliability of copying/pasting styles between different modules types.
  • Improved the reliability of extending styles between different modules types.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed “Minified React error #188” JavaScript error that occurred in some cases.
  • Fixed Accordion incorrect Sizing default values.
  • Fixed Audio Module player timer custom CSS selector.
  • Fixed FullWidth Section inability to add custom padding for mobile devices.
  • Fixed PHP warning issue on 3rd Party Plugin because additional parameter on generating background fields.
  • Fixed Width and Height capability to add auto and none values.
  • Fixed a bug where an active child theme’s PHP functions would still be loaded while in Safe Mode.
  • Fixed a permissions bug that prevented the Support Center’s Remote Access feature from interacting with content and settings related to The Events Calendar plugin.
  • Fixed a styling issue in the Classic Divi Builder introduced in WordPress 5.2.
  • Fixed a typo in a data attribute inside the Support Center’s Documentation & Help video player.
  • Fixed animations not working with transformed modules.
  • Fixed columns spacing on mobile devices.
  • Fixed draggable sizing tooltip being hidden after module settings tooltip.
  • Fixed infinite loop of events when fullwidth module is set to fullscreen and blank template is used caused by et-pb-header-height-calculated and resize event being triggered due to false check.
  • Fixed issue with gravity forms signature field not working.
  • Fixed issue with removed module not receiving settings toolbar.
  • Fixed module alignment on tablet and phone.
  • Fixed module alignment on tablet and phone.
  • Fixed modules margin settings overwriting module alignment.
  • Fixed number of columns on portfolio and gallery grid on landscape size.
  • Fixed undefined value supplied when opening Find & Replace feature.
  • Prevent removing transforms when settings modal is open.


  • Enabled hover editing for many more module design options.
  • Enabled responsive editing for all module design options.
  • Filled in missing translations for all languages.
  • If the Support Center’s Remote Access feature is active, switching to or from a child theme will no longer automatically deactivate it.

New & Modified Files

  • core/admin/css/core.css
  • core/components/SupportCenter.php
  • core/components/mu-plugins/SupportCenterSafeModeDisableChildThemes.php
  • et-pagebuilder/et-pagebuilder.php
  • functions.php
  • includes/builder/class-et-builder-element.php
  • includes/builder/frontend-builder/bundle.js
  • includes/builder/module/Audio.php
  • includes/builder/module/field/Height.php
  • includes/builder/module/field/MaxWidth.php
  • includes/builder/module/field/Transform.php
  • includes/builder/scripts/frontend-builder-scripts.js
  • includes/builder/styles/style.css
  • js/custom.js
  • js/theme-customizer.js
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