Divi Version: 3.20

These are the changelog notes for Divi version 3.20 that was released on March 7, 2019. Check out of all the changes, updates, and bug fixes below.

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Divi 3.20 Summary

Improvements & Feature Additions

  • Added Instagram icon support to the theme header and footer.
  • Added Multiselect support to Visual Builder Global Clipboard.
  • Added Support Center, a new WP Admin page that provides System Status, Remote Access Support, and Documentation.
  • Improved search.
  • Improved the New Divi Builder loading speed.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed Fullscreen Menu not working correctly in the Visual Builder when switching to Tablet / Phone View.
  • Fixed Inline Editor Popup position when Admin Bar is disabled.
  • Fixed Section Dividers default background color not considering previous/next Section background color.
  • Fixed Theme Customizer Styles not being applied to password protected posts.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent Visual Builder from loading when certain script content was embedded in a custom widget.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with the Visual Builder and Toolset View Plugin.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when running 3rd-Party Divi Extensions in development mode.
  • Fixed an error that would sometimes show in console when Visual Builder page lost focus while still loading.
  • Fixed hover mode reset when closing Settings Modal.
  • Fixed options values update after pasting in Settings Modal.
  • Fixed page settings’ Custom CSS which didn’t get updated when previewing an edited page.


  • Optimized Yoast Sitemaps generation.

New & Modified Files

  • core/admin/css/core.css
  • core/admin/css/support-center.css
  • core/admin/js/support-center.js
  • core/components/PageResource.php
  • core/components/SupportCenter.php
  • core/components/SupportCenterMUAutoloader.php
  • core/components/init.php
  • core/components/mu-plugins/SupportCenterSafeModeDisablePlugins.php
  • core/functions.php
  • css/main-styles.css
  • epanel/css/panel.css
  • epanel/custom_functions.php
  • epanel/js/functions-init.js
  • functions.php
  • includes/builder/class-et-builder-element.php
  • includes/builder/class-et-builder-settings.php
  • includes/builder/core.php
  • includes/builder/feature/BlockEditorIntegration.php
  • includes/builder/frontend-builder/assets.php
  • includes/builder/frontend-builder/bundle.js
  • includes/builder/functions.php
  • includes/builder/plugin-compat/wordpress-seo.php
  • includes/builder/plugin-compat/wp-views.php
  • includes/builder/styles/bb_bfb_common.css
  • includes/social_icons.php
  • js/custom.js
  • options_divi.php
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