Divi Version: 3.0.61

These are the changelog notes for Divi version 3.0.61 that was released on July 8, 2017. Check out of all the changes, updates, and bug fixes below.

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Divi 3.0.61 Summary

Improvements & Feature Additions

  • Added 404 header to empty homepage query argument used for static CSS resource fallback requests.
  • Improved the static CSS fall-back system that detects when files cannot be written to the server due to permissions issues and uses inline styles instead.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed an error that occurred when using the third party CTP Layout Injector plugin.


  • Eliminated core framework version conflicts that sometimes occurred when running legacy Elegant Themes products alongside updated products due to core version mismatches.
  • The countdown timer module settings for number text will no longer affect label text. CSS specificity has been improved.
  • The static CSS cache will now clear automatically whenever Divi, Extra or the Divi Builder is activated.

New & Modified Files

  • core/components/PageResource.php
  • core/components/init.php
  • includes/builder/main-modules.php
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