Divi Version: 3.0.30

These are the changelog notes for Divi version 3.0.30 that was released on January 24, 2017. Check out of all the changes, updates, and bug fixes below.

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Divi 3.0.30 Summary

Improvements & Feature Additions

  • Improved logic for detecting when to automatically pause a background video as it leaves the browser viewport.
  • Improved the rendering of multiple shortcodes inside of single text module in the Visual Builder.
  • Improved the way that the Divi mobile menu works on mobile devices.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug that allowed incompatible row types to appear in the Add From Library tab when adding new rows inside of newly-created specialty sections in the Visual Builder.
  • Fixed a bug that caused shortcode content to be saved as HTML after the inline editor in the Visual Builder was activated two consecutive times without modify the content of the module that contained the shortcode.
  • Fixed a bug that caused undefined css classes to appear for module sub items in the Visual Builder settings modal.
  • Fixed a bug that mistakenly correlated non-global library items with global library items when a non-global item was saved to the library from a global section, row or module on the same page.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in a missing 404 error when multiple blog modules were placed on a single page and the user navigated to an empty page in the index feed.
  • Fixed a bug where global modules attributes were not parsed correctly when they contained specific types of content.
  • Fixed a visual anomaly that caused the website logo to disappear when sizing down the browser window between the widths of 980-1000px and when the header mode was set to centered inline logo.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when modifying slider header text sizes in the Visual Builder when a custom slider header text size had already been configured in the Module Customizer.


  • New pins added to the map module in the Visual Builder will now appear correctly.
  • The “Best Sellers” sorting option will now work as intended in the WooCommerce shop module.
  • When switching between child and parent module items, the user will now be placed back in the General tab within the settings modal.

New & Modified Files

  • includes/builder/class-et-builder-element.php
  • includes/builder/frontend-builder/assets/css/style.css
  • includes/builder/frontend-builder/bundle.js
  • includes/builder/main-modules.php
  • includes/builder/scripts/builder.js
  • includes/builder/scripts/frontend-builder-scripts.js
  • js/custom.js
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