Divi Version: 2.5

These are the changelog notes for Divi version 2.5 that was released on September 2, 2015. Check out of all the changes, updates, and bug fixes below.

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Divi 2.5 Summary

Improvements & Feature Additions

  • Added Author support to Project Post Types
  • Added Disable Module feature
  • Added Enter and Escape buttons support in Page Builder modals
  • Added Lock Module feature
  • Added Preview feature into the Page Builder
  • Added Role Editor feature
  • Added Undo/Redo and History of changes into the Page Builder
  • Added captions support for the Divi galleries
  • Added new field to allow users to define admin label for slides
  • Added option to collapse Sections and Rows
  • Added option to copy and paste modules inside the Page Builder
  • Added option to disable custom padding for columns on mobile
  • Added option to display products from selected categories into Shop Module
  • Added quicktags panel into the tinyMCE editor inside the Page Builder

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed image zoom on page load when using blog grid
  • Fixed some errors when Video or Video slider modules are added with no settings configured
  • Fixed the Fullscreen mode of tinyMCE editor when enabled from the builder modal window
  • Fixed the conflict between Blog module and Shop module, when products are ordered by popularity
  • Fixed the conflict between accent color option and button color in customizer preview
  • Fixed the conflict between active menu color and color scheme options
  • Fixed the conflict with some plugins that use different MailChimp class
  • Fixed the issue with Gallery post types appearance on category pages
  • Fixed the issue with Settings icon, disappering from specialty section in some cases
  • Fixed the issue with adding saved rows with 1 column into specialty sections
  • Fixed the issue with appearance of WooCommerce Related Products when Sidebar is enabled
  • Fixed the issue with custom icons in Gallery/Portfolio modules
  • Fixed the issue with duplication of predefined layouts, when a child theme is activated
  • Fixed the issue with image edit tooltip, not showing in Page Builder’s editor
  • Fixed the issue with image in blurb module when wrong image path defined
  • Fixed the issue with infinite blog loop if a post contains Portfolio module
  • Fixed the issue with logo transition on scroll ( made it more smooth
  • Fixed the issue with more tag inside modules
  • Fixed the issue with overlay border color when custom overlay color is selected in Gallery, Portfolio, Filterable Portfolio and Shop modules
  • Fixed the issue with preview in customizer, when different WordPress Address and Site Address are defined
  • Fixed the issue with unexpected behavior, when Enter button is pressed in the builder
  • Fixed the issue with wrong total number of layouts displayed on Library page
  • Fixed the issue with z-index of Side Navigation and Back to Top button to make sure it is always on top
  • Fixed unwanted space in main nav, if inline centered logo and hide logo are used together
  • Fixed various line height range issues in Page Builder


  • Blog Module: Added option to display comment count
  • Code Module: Fixed the issue with some content, stripped off from the module
  • Customizer: Added Site Identity section
  • Customizer: Added logo height option into
  • Customizer: Added secondary menu link color option in fixed nav option in
  • Fullwidth Menu Module: Added advanced design settings
  • Global Tabs Module: Fixed the issue with duplication of tabs in a Global module
  • Modules are sorted alphabetically by name now
  • Optimized Page Builder files loading in WP-Admin
  • Page Builder: Added Right Click Menu into
  • Social Media Follow Module: Fixed the issue with Skype Button link
  • Testimonial Module: Changed images width and height range settings to 1-200
  • Text Module: Fixed the issue with “Justified” text orientation

New & Modified Files

  • All files changed/updated
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