In today’s time, increasing e-mail newsletter list is something which helps to get maximum readership on our blogs. But the question arises, how to setup such list and automatic emails as new post come alive on the website. It’s a pretty good question, seriously! Many of peoples don’t know how to set up a newsletter for their readers. In this tutorial, we will see into all the dimensions of this topic. (I will use mailchimp for this)

If we are using Divi then the following things will help to get the task achieve, make sure you have access to the following things-

  1. Email Optin Module/Bloom Plugin
  2. Email Newsletter Tools such as MailChimp, Awber and Auto Responder etc.

Basically, we will need to add a subscription form on our site and Email Optin Module or Bloom plugin can help us to get that task done.

And then we will need to integrate it with an Email Newsletter Tool, we will be using Mailchimp (It is free of course!)

  • Sign up to the MailChimp and create a list (it will be the list of the users who have subscribed to the site)
  • Click on your username and select Account from the Dropdown, you will see thing like in the following image


  • Click on Extra >> API Keys
  • Click on Create a Key
  • You will get the new API key to use (it will help us to integrate the MailChimp with our blog)
  • Copy the API key and Go to the Website Dashboard and Navigate to Divi >> Theme Option >> General >> Paste the API key in “MailChimp API Key” field.
  • Now when you will add a subscription form through Email Optin Module, you will need to select the Mailchimp and Associated List which we created.
  • And if you are using Bloom Plugin then you will some optin configuration settings just like below


  • Select the Mailchimp in Email Provider and Select your account and list.

That’s it!! Your Website is now integrated with Mailchimp.

Mailchimp Automatic Emailing the New Post to the Mailing List

You have now created a list for your subscribers and now all you need is to set up a campaign so that whenever you publish a new post on your site, an email automatically sent to all the subscribers that belong to that list.

  • Sign in to your mailchimp account
  • Click on Campaign
  • Click on Create Campaign (give Campaign Name and Select Campaign Type)
  • Select the List
  • Click on Next
  • Fill the fields accordingly in the Setup Part
  • Select the Template and click on next
  • Design the Template accordingly
  • Click on Next and Confirm the Campaign Set Up
  • That’s it!!!

I hope this tutorial helps you to create your own mailchimp list and auto emailing campaign. If you liked the article please share and subscribe us for more such useful tips and tutorials. Have a Nice Day!

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