Post Slider Module

With the help of Post Slider module using the Divi visual builder, we can customize and insert the collection of posts on any web page with ultimate looking and design slider. We can choose multiple posts that we want to see on the WordPress website page by simply adding this module of the Divi theme. We can customize the elements of the post like content display, button text, show excerpts, background image, background color etc.

Post Slider Module Shortcode:

Output of the Above Post Slider Module Code:

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Post Slider module depends on the three basic settings as given below:

  • General Settings
  • Advance Design Settings
  • Custom CSS
  • General Settings:

In the general settings, we can set the number of the posts, include the category, decide the order of the post, make “read more” button and also write the text for this button, set the background image, set the background color and text color etc. Let us understand the meaning of all of the options that are available in the general settings tab.

Post Slider Module

  • Advance Design Settings:

In this tab, we can customize the font style of header text and choose the color of the font. We can change the size of the header text and also manage the letter spacing, height of the header text, top padding, and bottom padding etc.

  • Custom CSS:

In the Custom CSS, We can write the description of the slide, write the slide title, create slide button and set the slide image etc. The developer can also insert the CSS id and CSS class in the Custom CSS options.

If you facing any of the problems regarding this “Post Slider” module visit this site: “” because this site provides perfect solution as per your requirements. Thank you.

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  • Tested on Divi Version 3.0.27
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