Divi post navigation is an important tool for making the visitor move around your website either in the same category of projects and posts. This module automatically creates the links for next and previous posts or projects based on the order in which they are published. It is the most standard part of any website and we can see these navigation links at the bottom of any post or projects. We often need to use these post navigation links in the slider, footer and anywhere else, then in that situation, we can use the Divi Post Navigation shortcode. The post navigation module of Divi theme is very useful and easy to understand.

Shortcode for Divi Post Navigation

The Output of This Shortcode Will Be Like

Settings of the Post Navigation Module

Divi Post Navigation

Divi Post Navigation

Advanced design and Custom CSS settings

We can also use the advanced design settings for advancing our design. It has some advanced settings like font style of the text, font size, change text color, maintain letter spacing and line height, border settings, settings of the body content, custom margin and custom padding etc.

In the “Custom CSS” tab we can type own CSS code as according to our desire. We can define the multiple CSS classes and id in the Custom CSS setting section and also create space between them. Every developer wants to insert the own designed CSS code for making attractive website pages. With help of Custom CSS setting the developer can customize the CSS code to make look and feel of WordPress site different.

We are trying to explain all of the information about this “post navigation module”. Hope you can easly understand everything about the post navigation module in this article.

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  • Tested on Divi Version 3.0.24
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