Today we will have another shortcode to use which will allow adding the navigate menu wherever we want on our webpage. The name of the module which allows you to have this feature is said to be Divi Full Width Menu. The good thing about this one is that it can also be used as secondary menu wherever you want on the page especially down the page.

Here is the shortcode for the Divi Full Width Menu

For this you will need to add the menu-id in the shortcode which you want to show, to find the id of menu please go to Appearance > Menu > Open the Menu which you want to use in the shortcode > Hover on the delete (But Don’t Delete, Just Hover) > Get the ID, please refer to the snapshot below

Divi Full Width Menu

Output for this will be like


Divi Full Width Menu

Divi Full Width Menu

Menu: in this section, you will have to add the menu which you want to add on the page.

Background color: this section will allow you to define any background color of the menu which you want.

Text color: this will allow you to define the color of the text which you want.

Text orientation: you will get the permission to orient you text either left, right, center or justified.

Sub: menus open: it will allow you to open your sub – menus downward or upward.

Advanced setting designs: this section allows editing and making your menu to look attractive.

Hope this helps, please let us know if you have any query or suggestion. We will be happy to help you, please subscribe us for more useful tutorials. Have a Great Day and a Very Happy New Year to All.

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  • Tested on Divi Version 3.0.24
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