• Extra Fields

In Old version of contact form module, there were some fixed default fields but in the updated contact form module we can add numbers of extra fields in the form.
Sometimes we can get an error message like “Make sure you fill in all required fields.”, Even when we have not missed any field.
Actually this error is coming because of space and special character in the “Field ID” while adding a new field.

Contact Form Module

  • Required Field

In the updated version of divi we can set contact form field to be required or not required to fill.

Contact Form Module

  • Placeholder

We can also set desired placeholder text into the form field
Contact Form Module

  • Field Formatting

We can also adjust the size of the particular contact form field (i.e. Full width etc.)

  • Message Pattern

In the new version of divi when you receives an email through contact form module, you can see a default pattern of mail and we can change the email pattern according to us i.e; if we want first name followed by email address despite of email address followed by first name then you can set it

Contact Form Module

  • Customize Success Message

In new contact form module we can customize the success message by writing a new one in contact form modules setting or by redirecting to own customized page.
Contact Form Module

  • Disable or Enable the Captcha

In updated contact form module we can disable or enable the captcha code function according to our need.

Sometimes page shows captcha error even after filling out the captcha code right, it occurs due to the old version of php on hosting. So if you want to use captcha code function without any error then you should have the latest php version on your hosting.
Contact Form Module

  • Receiving in Spam Folder or Not Receiving the mails

Recently there has been a major change in contact module in the way it handle the mail delivery, those who are aware of the previous version will notice that when you see the From: field of received mail, now you will be seeing the email address as mail@yourdomain.com while previously it used to be the same email which user has filled in the contact form. Many users think it is a bug but actually this is an enhancement in module to make it even better. In the previous version the From header of email had the user’s mail but the actual mail was sent from your server so many of the email providers ( where this email is being received) might think it as a spam or some suspicious mail and they will either block this mail or put it in spam. This is the reason many users faced the email not received or going to SPAM issue in past but with this new change the from email id in your mail is now your domains default email id (mail@youdomain.com) so it increases the chances of mail going to inbox at the receiving  end .

In the previous version the only way to see the form submitters email address was to click on reply button and see the name and email id in From field, but in this new version even though the From field is now the default email id of your server but if you click the reply button you can still see the senders email id and name as a reply to header has been added in the contact module to show these details. Also you can use the message pattern option to see name and email id of the user in your email content itself.

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