Divi Comment module is used to place the comment box on any post or page and it provides a great way for user interaction.  As comments are the standard part of any website and it appears at the bottom of any page or post and also wherever the comments are enabled. It provides a gainful control over the no. of elements of the post or any of the WordPress page. Sometimes there is a need when we want to add Comment box in the Footer, sidebar or anywhere else in the post then we can use the comment module shortcode in that particular case.

Divi Comment Module Shortcode

Above Comment Module Shortcode will create the Comment box as shown below:

divi comment module

General Settings of the Comment Module

divi comment module

divi comment module

You can use the advanced design settings of this module for more control over the appearance of this module then you can use advanced design settings. Here we can adjust all types of great settings that can add an extra attractiveness to the module. We can adjust the background color, border radius, font, font size, text color, letter spacing, line height, comment (font, font size, text color, letter spacing, line height), border, custom margin, custom padding, custom styles for buttons.

Advance Design Settings and Custom CSS

Advance Design Settings tab provides the advance features to design or customize the look and feel of comment section. In this tab, we can set the field background color, field border radious, font size, text color, height line, letter spacing etc. We can also change the font style, font size and color of the comments. We can manage the comments height line and letter spacing. The developer can add own designed code in the Custom CSS.

Hope this article will help you to use the shortcodes correctly, please leave comments for any kind of confusion or query, we will come to you asap. Subscribe us for more tips and tricks. Have a Good day!!

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  • Tested on Divi Version 3.0.24
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