Divi Changelog

Divi Changelog

Before updating to the newest version of Divi, you should familiarize yourself with the latest changes. See all of the latest bug fixes, improvements, new features, and more below.

👉 Newest Release: Divi Version: 4.19.2

Always remember to check the changelog before updating your Divi website.

Divi Changelog FAQ

Learn more about what the Divi changelog is, what’s included, why it’s important, and how often it’s updated.

What is the Divi changelog?

The Divi changelog is the file maintained by Elegant Themes that shows a chronologically ordered list of all of the changes they’ve made to Divi. It’s typically organized by the version number, followed by the date that version was released.

What is in the Divi changelog?

The Divi changelog will list bugs fixes, improvements & features additions, new & modified files, and some miscellaneous items. It will also include the version number, and date of release.

Why is the Divi changelog important?

The Divi changelog is important because it gives you a preview of what changes were made. It’s wise to check the changelog before updating Divi on your website.

How often is the Divi changelog updated?

Elegant Themes typically updates Divi a couple of times a month. This means the Divi changelog is updated pretty frequently. The changelog will update every time Elegant Themes releases a new update to Divi.

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