Hey, we are here with our new post which is related to the basic information about Divi theme page setting and icons. We have noticed some of the icons on pages or posts as shown in the below image. In this article, we are going to explain these page setting icons in brief for your easiness. Here is the list available with certain snapshots –

Divi Builder Page Setting

1) The very first icon in the mentioned icons is of “import and export”. Basically, this is the option of portability which helps for exporting or for importing. When we click on this icon a new “Portability” window will be open as shown in the below image-Divi Builder Page Setting

The first option is the “Export” which helps the Divi builder to export the whole layout in form of JSON file which can be used in any other different web pages. You can easily change the name of the export file or it makes the default name as “Divi Builder Layout”.
Now the 2nd option is of the “Import” which helps to import any Divi builder layout file which was previously exported. It will overwrite all the current content which would be available on the site. Once it gets finished you will get the Divi library items to be added to your library and all the images too which will be updated in the media library.Divi Builder Page Setting

2) Now moving to the second icon, In this icon, we can see all the page setting option related to a particular page.

  • Enable Split Testing – It is the best way to test which variation of a particular module is more effective from visitors’ point of view. If we enable split testing then we are able to create the different variation of a particular module and when users visit our site they found different variation upon different visits so it provides the basic understanding about the choice of visitors.
    Firstly we need to click on the icon as we can see in a figure and when it opens then click on “Enable Split Testing” to make it enable.

Divi Builder Page Settings

Divi Builder Page Setting
For more information about split testing, please visit the below link:

How To Use Divi Leads

Custom CSS – Now in the second icon, the next option is of Custom CSS which helps in defining the Custom CSS for a particular page. The same option you can also see in the Divi Theme Option but that is for defining the Custom CSS for the overall site. This option helps to maintain or to change the setting of the specific page which we want.

Divi Builder Page Setting

  • Color picker color palette – It helps to define the color for the content of the page.

Divi Builder Page Settings

  • Gutter width – a gutter is the clear empty space between the element’s boundaries and the content. By this, we can increase or decrease the clear space.
  • Light text color – It helps to make the color of the text lighter
  • Dark text color – By this option, it will make the color dark.
  • Content area background color – This option change the color of the background of the content area
  • Section background color – This function helps to change the color of the background of the section of the page.

Hope this piece of work helps you and feel free to comment below for any other help.

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