In this article, we are going to discuss the Divi Builder Time Out Error. Please read the full blog post for resolving the issues.

Divi Builder

Process of Resolving Divi Builder Time Out Error

We have provided several steps which can be used to trouble shoot “Divi Builder Time Out Error”:

  1. Firstly, please check that we are using an updated version of the theme or not.
  2. We can also try deactivating all the plugins and see if it fixes the issue. If it gets fixed, then we can try activating the plugins one by one and keep checking the issue after the each plugin activation, this will help us in identify which particular plugin is clashing.
  3. If the issue still not resolve then we can try switching to parent theme momentarily to confirm nothing in the child theme is creating trouble.
  4. It may be possible that we have low values for the memory limit while using the WordPress Dashboard. (WordPress allows us to configure the frontend and backend memory limits separately). We recommend asking your web hosting provider if it’s possible to increase the memory limit for the backend only to at least 96MB (though 128MB would be preferable). Depending on our server’s configuration, adding the following two lines to our wp-config.php will set the appropriate memory limit for the frontend and backend:

5. We can also ask hosting provider to set PHP directives as per the given standard on the server.

(a) post_max_size 128M

(b) max_execution_time 180

(c) upload_max_filesize 256M

(d) max_input_time 600

(e) max_input_vars 5000

(f) memory_limit 512M

6. If the problem still persists then we need to add the given code below to our .htaccess file which we generally found in the root directory where “WordPress” installed. We can access these file using file manager of our hosting Cpanel or by logging into our site using FTP client like FileZilla.

7. We can also try to confirm that we had placed the right URL in the general settings of our “WordPress” dashboard or not. Because when we are using SSL on our site then we need to use https:// instead of http:// as we have mentioned in the below image.

Divi Builder

8. It may be possible that due to CORS problem resources are blocked. To confirm this please open the website in any of the browsers and then press Ctrl+Shift+J, then browser console open and here if we are getting an error message as “Failed to Load Resources”, then we need to inform our hosting provider for resolving the issue.

Feel free to comment below for any other help.

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