Contact form is a great way to have good contact with the customers. It is the finest solution for receiving the messages from customers. Contact form has some of the features like editable field labels, responsive layout and compatible to all latest WordPress versions.Here we are with the Contact Form Module Shortcode and if you are looking for any of the other short code which we haven’t published yet then you can also find the short code of other divi modules with the help of this post

Here is the shortcode for Contact Form Module :-


Use_redirect=Page Url on which you want to redirect.

redirect_url =  Url where to Redirect after clicking on Submit.

border_style= It determines the border style (i.e. solid, dotted, dashed, double, grove, ridge, inset and outset).

button_letter_spacing=Space between the letters of a button.

button_use_icon= Icon used in the button.

button_icon_placement= Where to place button (i.e. top or bottom).

button_on_hover= To select the hover effect (“on” or ”off”).

button_letter_spacing_hover= Button letter spacing on hover (i.e. value=1,2,3,…..).

Contact Form Module Shortcode will generate a design just like in the image below

contact form module shortcode

Contact Form Module in depth:-

Communication is the Key stone of the business. Contact Form can be used for the communication purpose. It has mainly three settings section like general settings, advanced design settings and custom CSS. In the general settings, we can see all the basic settings like add new field section, display captcha, email, title, message pattern, enable redirect URL and success message. If we want more advancement in the design then we can use advanced design and custom CSS setting section.If you are looking for any of the new features about the contact form module then you can visit our post whose URL is

If you found post fruitful then please let me know and feel free to comment for any other help.

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  • Tested on Divi Version 2.7.8
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