We all know that tags are an important part of any website. Peoples generally practice many things like backlinks, social media presence in order to improve the visibility of their website. There are many types of tags but among all heading tags like H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 play a vital role on any website and for doing on-page SEO the heading tags are the most important tags. So don’t ever think that heading tags are just used for formatting the content because the search engines use these defined tags for indexing the structure of any page. These tags generally show the web page document structure, That’s why we generally use only one H1 tag on any page.

But sometimes when we are using more than one module with comment section on any page, then in that situation we can see that there will be more than one H1 tags on that page. In this article, we will show how to change the heading tags (H1) of the comment section.

Follow the steps given below for changing the H1 heading tags of comment section:

  • Go to the Appearance section of the dashboard.

Heading Tags

  • In the Appearance sections, go to the editor.

Heading Tags

  • In the editor section, we can see the Comments.php file.

Heading Tags

In the Comments.php file search the given code below:

Here we can change the <h1> tag accordingly for the comments.

Hope this post will resolve your problem for removing the h1 tags of comment plugin. Please let me for any other help.

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