In this post we will see how Button module shortcode works,

Here is the shortcode for button module:


admin_label=”Button” –> button module’s label.

button_url –> URL of the button.

url_new_window –> It determines whether the link open in new window or in same window (on= to open in new window, off= to open the link in same window ).

button_text –> it reflects the text on button.

button_allignment –> Alignment of button (i.e center, left or right).

background layout –> it determines the background layout, it could be “light” or “dark”.

custom_button –> Select “on” to customize the button and “off” to not to customize.

button_text_color –> It determines the button text color.

button_bg_color –> This is for background color.

button_border_color –> Border Color.

button_letter_spacing –> It determines the letter spacing.

button_font –> specifies the font family for the button text.

button_on_hover –> to select the hover effect (“on” or “off”).

button_text_color_hover –> text color on hover.

button_bg_color_hover –> button background color on hover.

button_letter_spacing_hover –> button letter spacing on hover (i.e. value=1,2,3…).

The above shortcode will generate a button just like in image below-

Button Module Shortcode

divi button module

Feel free to comment below for any question or suggestion.

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  • Shortocde is tested on Divi 2.7.5
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