Today, we will see how we can use Bloom Locked Content. Locked content is the great way to get the new subscriber. We have to subscribe first then only we can see the free resource.

To set up Bloom Locked Content on our site we will need to follow the given instructions:-

  • Click on Bloom -> then click on Optin forms.
  • To create a new optin form click on “New Optin” button which will reveal all the types that bloom supports then click on “Locked Content” icon. After selecting the Locked Content we can see some of the settings on the screen which are “Setup & Design settings.”
  • We need to connect your bloom to email marketing service such as MailChimp.
  • You will see the button “Generate shortcode” and when you click on that button a new shortcode will appear.
  • This shortcode seems like

In this, we just have to replace the “content” with our own content that we want to hide. Sometimes users try to use another shortcode such as custom button inside the Bloom locked optin but it doesn’t work.

For this, we have a method to use the shortcode as a hidden content. I am taking a custom button’s shortcode for example.

Now when you use such code, it won’t work.

Just follow a simple trick:

  • Open the bloom.php file
  • Find the code below.

  • Replace the above code with the code give below.


Bloom Locked Content After this, you will need to subscribe first if you want to access that button. Hope this article helped you, if this post is helpful, please subscribe us and let us know if there is any other issue related to the post, we will be happy to hear from you.

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